B Sure

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B Sure® is a unique foliar nutrient solution produced by microbial fermentation that increases the activity of important metabolic and photosynthetic pathways in the crop. The nutrients found in B Sure including carbon, nitrogen, true protein and free amino acids are essential to plant development and are known to:

  • Improve natural plant processes that lead to greater productivity
  • Support plant health and vigor during critical stages
  • Stimulate root growth

B Sure benefits:

Trial Data Information

Below are field trial results that demonstrate the value of B Sure:

California Almond Trial (B Sure and iNvigorate)
California Almond Trial (B Sure)
California Strawberry Trial (B Sure and iNvigorate)
California Tomato Trial (B Sure)
California Tomato Trial (B Sure)
Georgia Sweet Onion Trial (B Sure and iNvigorate)

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B Sure is OMRI listed.


" The benefits of B Sure on crops under stress are immediately visible. The quick greening is amazing to see! "

- Julio Lozano, US Southern Regional Manager of Agrinos