Our biological crop input products feature proprietary High Yield Technology and provide benefits by strengthening the soil microbiome or delivering critical, highly bioavailable nutrients to help plants prosper. Once integrated into the grower’s practices, our products are proven to perform consistently across a broad range of crops, soils and environments; and they are highly compatible with common application methods.

Learn more about our products:

A soil-applied proprietary liquid solution that promotes a highly productive microbial system in the soil to support plant health and yield.

A unique foliar nutrient solution that increases the activity of multiple critical metabolic pathways in the crop.

A nutrient powder that supports crop productivity and supports soil health.

Our products promote prosperity in three ways. When Agrinos products are applied, the soil microbiome increases its overall health. With healthy soil in which to grow, plants have the opportunity to reach full potential. And when plants flourish, growers reap the benefits in the fields and in their bottom lines. iNvigorate, B Sure and Agrinos 5-0-0 are certified for use in organic production.